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Upper Orchard, Hoarwithy, 22nd February

English Documents study

The LOWV transcribers discovered some fascinating details of goods conveyed along the Wye between Mordiford and Wilton. The group studied four records of barge accounts from Hereford Library, Hereford Record Office and the Aramstone Archive which covered a period from 1744 to 1854.

On Wednesday the following was discovered:

Aramstone Archive Day Book 1811 – 1854, Wilton

Barges first Hauld by Horses on the
River Wye Tuesday the fifteenth day of
January 1811. The first through Wilton
Bridge was Jonathan Cromtons Barge the
Henry William Hoskins Master with coal
Second, J. Cromptons Fanny Thomas Jones Mast.
Two Horses each.
Cr. The Kiln By 10 dozen lime p Flora
10…do…p Farme
Mr Elliott Ballingham 10 dozen lime 16th
10   do the 17th

Aramstone Archive Ledger 1744 – 1810
1795 Mr. Willm. Porter Wilton
1 Apr 23 Cash paid……5.7
11. Freight 2 Bags Clover Seed

Account Book for freights on barges and wagons 1827

Freight of Goods from Hereford to
Bristol By Liverpool & Bristol Company
Smacks regular traders
The Wellington from Mordiford
Mr North ……1 Chest Soap
The Trader to Hereford
Bonner…..1 Bottle Spirits
G. Green…. 1 Rope Floor Cloth
1 Small…Di
1 Bag

Barge Book 1790 to 1805

July 13th     loded 30 bages whete from Fownhope to Lidbrook
July 23rd     loded 60 bages of whete from Hereford to Willten
September 26th…..Mr Porter had the barge from Wiltlton two Brockware

The group will continue to work on these documents to learn about the regularity of the service, the type of cargo, the size and names of the barges, the names of the operators, the sites of the wharfs and the time it took for goods to reach their destination.


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