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Field-walking, Kings Caple, November 13th

The group field-walked two fields at Kings Caple on Sunday 13th November. These fields are 1 kilometre north-east of Red Rail Ford and very near the line of the old road from the ford, through Kings Caple to How Caple.


Considerable quantities of archaeological material was recovered. This included post-medieval, medieval and Romano British pottery.

Earlier material included a neolithic/early bronze age scraper and a late mesolithic blade core.


Sherds of medieval pottery found by the fieldwalking group


Closer view of rim of medieval pot


Rim of a Roman period pot


Prehistoric Flint Tools found during the Kings Caple fieldwalking


Mesolithic flint core: 'microliths' (small flint tools) have been struck off this core. Microliths were stuck into bone or wood shafts to make spears.


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