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The Roman period 


The period of Roman Britain lasted from 43 to 410 AD: the culture of the natives during this time is known as 'Romano-British'.

This period was certainly under-represented in the archaeological record of the study area when the project began.

The map shows the sites of Romano-British finds in the area. The light coloured circles are the sites known before the LOWV project began - the dark circles are those discovered by the project.


Aerial photography has recorded a number of rectangular features in the landscape of the area, of which several are likely to date from the Roman period. This crop mark in Hentland parish is likely to be of a Romano-British date. A nearby excavation in the 1990s found one sherd of Roman pottery and some slag. More archaeological fieldwork would help us to interpret features like this.


A rim of a Romano-British pot found during fieldwalking at Kings Caple in November 2005


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