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Past Events - Summer 2005


Red Rail Ford, August 27th

Following visiting the site on August 17th, Ross Sub Aqua Club dived at the site of the old river crossing at Red Rail Ford, Hoarwithy.

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Transcribers' meeting, August 12th

On the afternoon of Friday 12th August, members of the group met to examining old documents relating to the project area. Copies of several documents were examined, both English and Latin, and David Lovelace took the group through each. Members then volunteered to transcribe selected document sets for the project.

The initial transcription will be of documents relating to the medieval Eaton Treagoz estate, the Mynde material in the National Library of Wales, the Aramstone archive and material from the tithe apportionments  for the parishes of Ballingham, Brockhampton and Sellack.


Pengethley and Hentland, July 21st

On Thursday July 21st, as part of National Archaeology Week, we walked around Pengethley and Hentland deserted medieval villages and associated network of old roads.

The group on the public footpath, still visibly an old road, running south-west from Hentland church.


The group approaching Hentland church. In 1835 five roads led from here, now there is only one.


Inspecting an old spring or holy well on the slope below Hentland Church.


Caplor Farm, 14th July

On Thursday 14th July we had a second session of identifying archaeological sites in the landscape and introduced some of the volunteers to some principles of archaeological surveying. We also looked at the material collected by field-walking on 30th June.


Caplor Farm, 30th June

A three-hour walk-over survey at Caplor Farm introduced a group of volunteers to techniques of field-walking, identifying earthworks and dating hedgerows by counting species. Several different hedgerows were walked and large lynchets beneath some of them were identified.

The fieldwalking, between rows of young potato plants, produced a number of finds, including medieval and post-medieval pottery.

photograph courtesy of Roz Lowe


Other Past Events

The first public meeting of the Landscape Origins of the Wye Valley Project was held in Sellack Village Hall at 7.30pm on 16th March at 7.30pm. There was a large turnout of over 80 people in attendance. 

The meeting was  addressed by Simon Dereham of the River Wye Preservation Trust, David Lovelace, technical  adviser to the Project, Huw Sherlock of Archenfield Archaeology and Heather Hurley, a local historian. There was a display of the results of some of the documentary research, old maps of the  area, aerial photographs of archaeological sites and archival photographs.

The second public meeting was held at Brockhampton Village Hall on Tuesday 29th March at 7.30 pm.  Despite heavy and incessant rain an audience of 25 mainly local people heard talks about how the project is working to identify the gaps in our knowledge of the history, archaeology and environment of the area in general and Brockhampton Parish in particular. 

The history of transport on the Wye was addressed by Heather Hurley who has found some fascinating documentary evidence in  the cathedral archives relating to the operation of barges on the Wye. Previously unknown archaeological crop-mark sites and the exciting possibility of  investigating these for the first time using  geophysics, with the active participation of volunteers, was discussed in the talk by Huw Sherlock

David Lovelace explored the rich vein of documentary evidence that the work of the project is making available to local people now that it is possible to use digital cameras in the Public Record Office.  This includes many medieval documents such as inquisition post mortems and  the Wool Tax  returns,  and also very detailed government land-use and woodland surveys carried out in the 1950s.

A third public meeting was held at Kings Caple village hall on April 6th.

Sunday 10th April - a walk around Capler hill-fort and its Environs

A guided walk open to the general public, took place on 10th April 2005. This started at Brinkley Hill Car Park at 14:00 and followed the course of the River Wye to view the quarries below Capler Camp. The stone from these was used for the construction of many buildings including Hereford Cathedral. The walk  then skirted around the west and north of Capler Camp before entering it from the east. Following a walk around the Camp, the footpaths were followed back to Brinkley Hill Car Park.

The walk was led by Heather Hurley, a local historian, Huw Sherlock of Archenfield Archaeology and David Lovelace.

The walk was approximately 3 miles (5km).

aerial photographs courtesy of English Nature


Huw  Sherlock  explaining   the   role  of   aerial  photography  in  interpreting   earthwork  features

Following  the  first   succesful  guided  walk  around  Capler  and  environs (see  below)  a second  walk  took place around Sellack and Caradoc on Sunday 17th April -

The second guided walk, open to the general public, took place on Sunday 17th April 2005. This started at Sellack Church at 2:00pm (parking by kind permission of the landowner).  It visited the river crossing, once a ferry but now a foot suspension bridge, before passing along the riverside towards old quarries at Sellack. Then it returned to the centre of the shrunken medieval settlement before going up the lane to Caradoc Court. From the court the walk passed the northern edge of Riggs Wood before returning to the river to pass along the meadows back to the church.

The walk was led by Heather Hurley, a local historian, Huw Sherlock of Archenfield Archaeology together with a number of fellow archaeologists and David Lovelace. Landscape features in the area were pointed out and discussed.

aerial photographs courtesy of English Nature


An exhibition of the work of the project formed part of 'Bluebell Walk - Arts and Crafts Weekend' at Brockhampton Parish Hall, Brockhampton, near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd May 2005 11.00am til 4.00pm

The walk and and exhibitions were presented by Brockhampton Parish Hall and Trackways to Remember - A collaboration between local artists and Archenfield Archaeology


On Monday 20th June there was a walk by Trackways to Remember - Artists and Archaeologists in Archenfield. This was- 'Trackways, Artists & Archaeologists on Midsummer Eve' and formed part of the Herefordshire Walking Festival. It began at Overdine Farm near Fownhope at 5.00pm and visited Bridget Drakeford's studio - porcelain, Nicky Hopwood - stained glass, Jane Smith - greenwood chair sculptures and back to Overdine for Caroline Hands' painting and textiles. There was an exhibition of the work of the Landscape Origins of the Wye Valley team at Caplor Farm.


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