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Past Events - Summer 2006

Bridstow Church, June - October 2006


A display of the work of the Landscape Origins project at Bridstow church



Gillow Farm excavation

This project ended on Monday 25th September. We began digging on 10th August

This was a very interesting project and we are extremely grateful to the farmer, Philip Watkins, for access to the site. Click image for information about the site.




Caplor Farm, Fownhope, Tuesday 15th August

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Brampton Abbotts, Sunday 13th August

A Four & half Mile Walk from Brampton Abbotts to Hole-in-the-Wall

Heather Hurley and PJ Pikes led a walk from Brampton Abbotts Village Hall to Court Farm at Hole-in-the-Wall (courtesy PGL)

Hereford, St Peter's Hall, Saturday 12th August

Three Choirs Festival - Fringe Festival

Display of the work of the Landscape Origins project as part of the Three Choirs Fringe Festival


Caradoc, Sellack, Sunday 6th August

The Herefordshire Country Fair at Castle Meadow, Caradoc, Sellack, Ross-on-Wye

The Landscape Origins project displayed recent work at this event


Caplor Farm, Fownhope, Tuesday 1st August

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Upper Orchard, Hoarwithy, Monday 31st July

Latin translation

Upper Orchard, Hoarwithy, Wednesday 26th July

English transcription

The English transcribers worked on an extremely long document from the Lechmere Papers at Worcester Record Office. It was a lawsuit paper relating to Fownhope manor dated 1708. Between the lines of  legal jargon were some interesting place-names including the Doctor's House with an Orchard, the Withend and Trilloes land.

The second document was a conveyance from Roger Lechmere to Richard Lechmere concerning the manor of Fownhope in 1567. The writing was difficult to decipher but some phrases such as Summer pasture for Six beasts yearly in the Wodd called Fownhope Park with two beasts pasture in the late grass of the meadow called Custiners yearly...........with sufficient hedgebote.......to repair the hedge, and herbage of the court orchard with a half part of a sheep house there, made the document of interest.

Hedgebote we discovered is an Old English term for the right to take wood from the commons to repair or make fences (Local Historian's Encyclopedia).


Fownhope, Tuesday 25th July

Landscape Origins of the Wye Valley Project & Fownhope Local History Society

A Walk around Fownhope and Common  Hill

A summer evening walk led by Rev. David Clarke of the Fownhope Local History Group

Hoarwithy, Wednesday 19th July


A 4˝ mile walk from Hoarwithy Bridge examining the river crossings, for the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty programme.


Caplor Farm, Fownhope, 18th July, 2.00pm

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Upper Orchard, Hoarwithy, Monday 17th July, 7.30 pm

Latin translation


In the air, Friday 14th July


Upper Orchard, Hoarwithy, Wednesday 5th July

English transcription of documents relating to Foy parish.

The Registers of Foy                                                       HRO BH88/1

Researched by Cherry Newton for LOWV

On Sun Nov ye 18th 1770 was ye greatest flood upon ye River Wye yt has been known in ye memory of Man, ye Water came into ye Poor People’s houses at ye Hole in ye Wall near knee deep, & they were carried out in Boats.

Memorandm. That on ye 10th Day of Oct 1771 Thomas Williams of ye Slad Workman to Mr Loyd came &  asked me for ye Key of ye little Gate in ye Orchard adjoyning to the Church Yard & facing Carthage House, to carry ye Corpse of Ann Hargest (late a servant at Carthage) to her Burial, there being no Road or Way thro’ ye sd Orchard, but upon sufferance. Witness my Hand ye Day & Year above written

                                                                                    Jos. Powell Vicr.

Memorandm That on ye 25th Day of March 1772  I lent unto Mrs Loyd ye Key of  ye Orchard Gate facing Carthage House to enable her & family to come with more ease & expedition to Church. As Mr Loyd had been so obliging as to let me have ye Key & Use of his Horse Boat for myself & friends whenever I had Occasion, there being no Road on either part, but on sufferance for horses, to ye boat or thro’ ye orchard

                                                                                  Jos. Powell Vicr.


On Fri Jan 11th 1777 I Jos Powell vicar, Percival Lloyd of Carthage Esq, Mr Jos Brown of Ingestone, Mr Thos Evans of Foy, and James Tayler of Underhill were summoned by warrant under the hand and seal of Mr Will Cope Gregory one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for ye county to appear at the house of Boulter ^ Inholder in the par of Wool – Hope at which place we did all appear (except James Tayler who was lame and infirm and not able to attend) according to our summons, to answer to our Charge exhibited against us, for neglect of duty in the Highways in the Township of Eaton Tregoes by Richard Patrick surveyor of that Division. To which summons we pleaded not guilty, as being out of his Division and lying in the Hundred of Wormelow and in the Township of Sellack and Foy. And having made it clearly appear before before Will Cope Gregory and Will Nourse Esq, two of his Majities Justices {sic} of the Peace for our county that the Inhabitants of the Township of Foy had never done any Highway Duty in the Township of Eaton Trgoes, the which Plea was acknowledged to be true by Richard Patrick the surveyor and by Mr Prosser another Inhabitant of the sd Division of Eaton Tregoes, that they never knew, or ever heard that the Inhabitants of the Division of Sellack and Foy had ever done any Duty of that kind in the Township of Eaton Tregoes ^ or they of Eaton Tregoes in our Division of Sellack and Foy. Then the said Justices agreed that we were a separate Division and not liable to the summons of the surveyor of the Township of Eaton Tregoes to do any Duty there, but withal advised us to chuse a separate surveyor which w’d forever put an end to such dispute attested by me Jos Powell.

Here the vicar of Foy and several of his parishioners are summoned before magistrates to answer as to why they are neglecting their duty to repair the roads in the area known as Eton Tregoz.

Foy is divided into two parts by the river Wye and as late as the 17th century Eton Tregoz (the spelling constantly changes) on the left bank was in the hundred of Greytree while the rest of the parish, on the right bank, was in the hundred of Wormelow.

Woolhope is in Greytree hundred, and here the inference is that Eton Tregoz is no longer considered to be in Greytree hundred although apparently the surveyor of the Greytree Hundred division, Richard Patrick, believes that it is. The township of Eton Tregoz lies 'in the hundred of Wormelow and in the township of Sellack and Foy'.

The old distinction between Eton Tregoz and Foy is still maintained however. It is the 'township' of Eton Tregoz, while Foy and Sellack form a single township. The inhabitants of these two townships owe no road maintaining duties to each other.

Caplor Farm, Fownhope, Tuesday 4th July

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Upper Orchard, Hoarwithy, Monday 26th June

Transliteration and translation of Latin documents relating to the project area.

Brinkley Hill Picnic Site, Saturday 24th June

Capler Camp and Environs

As part of the Herefordshire Walking Festival  51) - a circular walk from the banks of the River Wye to Mancell's Ferry, Rise Farm and Caplor Farm and over Capler Camp looking at the landscape of the Wye Valley.


Overdine, Woolhope, Friday June 23rd

Trackways, Artists and Archaeologists


This circular walk started at Overdine Farm near Fownhope and had archaeological interpretation along the way. Part of the Herefordshire Walking Festival - walk number 46.


Hoarwithy, Wednesday 21st June

Pubs of Hoarwithy, present and past - A Ross Civic Society Walk for the Walking Festival

A 3 mile walk around the present and past pubs of Hoarwithy led by Heather Hurley (part of Herefordshire Walking Festival - walk number 31) 


Caplor Farm, Fownhope, Tuesday 20th June

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Brockhampton, Thursday, 15th June

The River Wye Preservation Trust

A walk visiting the site of Carey mill at Carey Islands and the old Ballingham railway bridge.

by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Jeremy Clay and Mr and Mrs John Williams




Llanfrother, Hentland, Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June

Fieldwalking in the area of the 6th century monastery of St Dyfrig



Upper Orchard, Hoarwithy, Wednesday 7th June


Transcription of English documents relating to Ballingham. Before the dissolution of the monasteries Ballingham had been a manor of the Benedictine Priory of St Guthlac in Hereford.


Caplor Farm, Fownhope, Tuesday 6th June

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