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prehistory: the bronze age

The Bronze Age saw the introduction of metal-working. A hoard of bronze axes was found in Foy parish in the 18th century but otherwise finds are sparse in this area.

The classic Bronze Age funerary monument is the round barrow. Although no standing barrows survive in the 12 parishes of the study, several ring-ditches exist. After a barrow has been flattened (usually for agricultural purposes) the circular ditch which surrounded it, and from which the earth was excavated to build it, remains. These are often visible as circular crop-marks known as 'ring-ditches'.

When we began the project, ring ditches are known in Brampton Abbots, Fownhope and Brockhampton parishes. The project has since discovered these features in the parishes of Foy and Hentland.



Two Bronze Age socketed axes found by Mark Tofield at Ditton Farm in the south of Hentland parish. The one one the left was cut through in antiquity.


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