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Caradoc Court Farm, Sellack




Riggs Wood, Caradoc


Ewes and lambs in Riggs Wood Field


Dripping Pan Field

Young wheat in 'the Withers', April 2006

Caradoc Court Farm was once the home farm of Caradoc Court.

Caradoc Court

Cayrcradoc  and Caircradoke in the 13th century, the name seems to derive from a form like Caer Caradoc, implying some sort of British defended site. The 1308 Carycraddok and similar variations suggest a plural form, Caerau Caradoc.

The name might originally have applied to the iron age hill-fort of Gaer Cop, 3 kilometres to the south-west, in Hentland parish.

In 1291 Roger de Somery was found to have died seised of the manor of Caircradoke Irchenfield in Wales together with Rictir [Tretire] manor (IPM 19 E I No 14)

Robert de la Mare died seised of Carycraddok, [this and similar variants point to the plural form, Caerau Caradoc] a sub-manor to Tretire, as was found by Inquisition in 1308, particulars whereof are as follows:-

IPM 2 E II No 68

Inquisition of Carycraddok. Robert de la Mare deceased. Taken on the feast of Saint Martin (11 Nov. 1308), by the oath of

John Boter
John Marmion
Walter de la Londe
Seysil ap Rauf
David Goch
John Seysil
Michael de Kynyatestoune [Kynaston]
Walter le Hayward
William de Cary
Seisil de Danystoue [Dewstow]
John Cole and
David Selyman

The said Robert held in his demesne as of fee the manor of Keri Craddock of Richard le Bret, at the service of 15s. to be paid unto him at Rettyr [Tretire] every fortnight, and a heriot when it shall happen, to wit, one ox or 2s. There is there one messuage worth worth 12d a year and one garden 12d., and one dovecot 6d. and there are 2 ploughlands, each containing 80 acres; pastures, woodlands. Nine freeholders. Pleas and perquisites of court worth 12d. Peter de la Mare, son of Robert de la Mare, is his next heir and aged 14 years.

The North Transept of Sellack church is the Caradoc Chapel

Caradoc Court Farm with its stables, in the centre of the photograph.
Caradoc Court itself is on the edge of the wood and to the right of the farm


The front of Caradoc Court in 1872


The rear of Caradoc Court


Old Aerial photograph of Caradoc Court


Caradoc Court Farm - Fieldwalking

On Saturday 21st January the LOWV group field-walking a field near Caradoc Court Farm.


On this field-walking exercise a small amount of pottery of several periods was found.




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