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Gillow Farm excavations


In late summer 2006 we excavated a mixed period site at Gillow. This was an interesting project and we are extremely grateful to the farmer, Philip Watkins, for access to the site.


The entire side of a medieval pot found towards the end of the day - 19th September 2006


A section through the Romano-British enclosure ditch.


Excavation progressing - 1st September 2006


A barbed and tanged arrowhead found on the surface of the field

photo Les Phillips


Machining the ploughsoil off the site


Initial excavation of upper layer



...and on another part of the site


Excavating a length of the Romano-British enclosure ditch



...and going deeper



another length of ditch



...with Romano-British pottery


Work progressing - August 16th 2006


Thursday August 17th 2006



...was not one of our best days


The next day



but then.....



... Tuesday 22nd August the site progressing


Anne and Martin Roseveare of Archaeophysica doing a magnetic susceptiblity survey of a section through a ditch.



Adam Buckley showing a remote controlled aircraft used for photography



conventional planning



This electonic distance measuring device or total station was used to record the 3 dimensional positions of ditches, layers and finds.



holding the reflector on the position of a piece of pottery



taking samples from a thick layer of burnt material



taking a column sample through the fill of a ditch








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This project was part-financed by the European Union (EAGGF) and DEFRA through the Herefordshire Rivers LEADER+ Programme.