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A recipe for pickled asparagus. Mary was able to pickle anything, sometimes this seems strange to us.

To pickle Asparagus

Take ye asparagus fresh out of the Garden - the later in the season the better because they are then greener; Cut all the white parts off Pick off ye little leaves that grow upon 'em quite up to ye Heads but not so long as to peel or hurt the skins, then put 'em into strong Salt & water (If they remain in longer than 24 hours the salt and the water must be changed or they will stink) then wipe em one by one that they be not wet or gritty them boil yr vinegar up with whole pepper * salt; sliced Nutmeg & Cloves according to yr taste - Pour yr vinegar boiling hot upon ye asparagus & stuff a cloth in ye mouth of the  Jar as close as possible, let it stand by the fire twenty four hours then boil ye pickle & pour on em as before - this must be repeated at least three times.

These recipes appear by courtesy of the Aramstone Estate - we will show more recipes at the next update

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