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Ashe Ingham, Bridstow Herefordshire

Ascis was an outlier of the manor of Cleeve (just south of Ross) and represents an English incursion across the Wye into the Welsh lands of Archenfield. In 1066 Cleeve was held by Harold Godwinson, briefly to be King of Enland before his death at the Battle of Hastings.

After 1066 all Harold's lands were confiscated by King William I and Cleeve was a royal manor. The outlier of Ashe was held of the king by Alfred of Marlborough. Ashe Ingen had been waste before 1066 but in 1086 Alfred had a man there with 1 ploughs; he paid ten shillings in revenue. The revenue in shillings was very unusual in Archenfield. The name Ascis is Old English and refers to ash trees. The suffix Ingen seems to derive from a person named Hingan who was alive in the 1120s

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