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Looking towards Kings Caple from Baysham

In common with other Archenfield places with churches and priests, Sellack itself is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, although Baysham, now a hamlet in Sellack parish, is.

Listed under a heading which says that 'the villages and lands (villę vel terrę) below are in Archenfield', the manor of Baysham was part of the lands of the king. It was held of the king by William, son of Norman, and of him by a certain Walter. Before 1066 it had been held by Merwin from Edward the Confessor.

In 1086 there were 14 men there with 7 ploughs who paid 5 shillings in customary dues. There were two ploughs in lordship and the value of the place was 30 shillings.

By 1286 Baysham was held by the Church of Hereford (Hereford Cathedral) and possessed a mill and timber (perhaps in a wood but possibly trees in hedgerows). There appears to have been a church at Baysham in 1239. The recorded presentations (appointment of priests) to the church at Baysham are:-

  Hugh de Henle. Presented by the Dean and Chapter of Hereford
  John Abraham
  John de Henle
  Thomas de Bredewardyn
  Gilbert de Hundertone. By the Dean and Chapter
  Richard le Parker

The church at Baysham does not appear in the Devotional Money returns for 1543, and although there was a chapel at nearby Strangford at this date, this was a chapelry of Fownhope.

From 1352 the presentations are to Sellack (see above) rather than Baysham.

In 1525 Baysham was still a distinct township for taxation purposes the villata de Baiseham.

  John Abrehall senior
William Bennett de Strangford
David Bennett
William Watkins
Richard Purdy
William Bennett de Sellack
John Gaunter
John Purdy
Geoffrey Purdy
Thomas Bennett
John Mottelowe
John Cole
William Bennett
Thomas Gethyn
Harry Howe
David Bennett
20 pounds
13 pounds 13 shillings & 4 pence
13 pounds 6 shillings & 8 pence
15 pounds
13 pounds 13 shillings & 4 pence
6 pounds 13 shillings & 4 pence
4 pounds
40 shillings
40 shillings
20 shillings
8 pounds
100 shillings
60 shillings
20 shillings
20 shillings
20 shillings

However in 1534 the assessment is for Baiseham & Foy. Foy was not listed in 1525. Foy is a separate parish and does not include Baysham which seems always to have been in Sellack parish. The assessments in the early part of Henry's reign are township rather than parish-based.

  Anna Abrehall widow
Jenkyn Cole
David Bennett
William ap Gwatkyn
Richard) Purdy
John Maret
22 pounds
22 pounds
20 pounds
30 pounds
40 pounds
20 pounds

Tax assessment from Herefordshire Taxes in the Reign of Henry VIII edited by M A Faraday: Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club, Herefordshire, 2005


The barn at White House Farm at Baysham


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