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Tresseck & Altbough, Hentland


Tresseck and Altbough seem to have been grouped together for many years. In 1242 it was recorded that the commonalty of Trayhac and Attelgunt used to render to our lord the King 12 pence by the year.

Altbough and Tresseck (then spelled Tresech) in the 1880s on the first edition OS map.

Research by Heather Hurley has uncovered some of the history of Tresseck. In 1220 Adam Bustard was knifed and killed by John Seynt 'in the field of Treisec'. Seynt was witnessed running away, red-handed with the knife still in his hand and subsequently imprisoned.

Tresseck Farm, Hoarwithy, between the World Wars.

In 1523 Tresseck was a township and grouped with the nearby Altbough for taxation purposes - de villatis de Altebought & Tresecke.

Photograph by Alfred Watkins courtesy of Hereford City Library


Tresseck Farm seems to have its origins in  a lease of 1399 to a smith, David Buffard, of a 'toft and nine acres of arable in Treysac' belonging to the Dean and Chapter of Hereford. The lease allowed for the construction of a house of three tie beams 'and maintain the same'.

In 1475 Philip and Thomas Busford of Treysacke granted to Philip Kederogh ' one house and orchard in Treisacke and all lands in the vills of Treisacke and Altebogh.

Tresseck passed by marriage to the Roberts family in 1584. The Roberts were already farming lands at Red Rail/Llanfrother in Hentland, Kings Caple and Carey in Ballingham. The old house was rebuilt by the Roberts and James Roberts 'de Tresseck' was baptised in 1603.

Tresseck Mill on the Wriggle Brook had been in existence from at least 1595. In the 18th century William Roberts converted it to a paper mill. In 1827 the mill was occupied by Robert Thornberry, and in 1841 Mary Coney was an 'independent Paper Maker'.

Tresseck Farm with Tresseck Mill above on the Hentland tithe map.

The spelling is the same as the modern one although in the 1880s it was 'Tresech'.

Altbough was Echlebuch c1250 and Achelbogh 1302-3. It may originally have been Allt-y-bwch allt, hill-slope / bwch, buck.

On the tithe map, Altbough is actually in Little Dewchurch parish, an enclave of which lay with the Hoarwithy area of Hentland parish. Altbough was transferred to Hentland parish in the 1880s.


The taxpayers of 'Altebough & Tresek' in 1525 were the following:-

    s d  
  John Russell
William Woodward
Hugh Greene
Thomas Black
Watkin Swayne
Thomas Bennett
John Woodward
John Woodward junior
John Roberts
John Smyth
John Roger





Tax assessment from Herefordshire Taxes in the Reign of Henry VIII edited by M A Faraday: Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club, Herefordshire, 2005


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