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Kings Caple church


Gillies on the Aramstone estate, Kings Caple, between the world wars.




Kings Caple lies on the east bank of the Wye where the river describes a great loop. Although on the east bank, Kings Caple is in Archenfield, the old Welsh kingdom of Ergyng.

In Domesday, as the name suggests, Kings Caple (although then just Cape) was a manor of the king. It was held of the king by William fitz Norman and of him, in turn by Walter. As a Welsh manor of Archenfield it paid its taxes in the Welsh way - five sesters of honey and five sheep with lambs.

The recorded population was five Welshmen with five ploughs and a Frenchman with one plough. 

Opposite the church is Caple Tump, the motte where the local castle once stood.


The Caple Loop on the Wye shown on Bryant's 1835 map of Herefordshire

An old photograph of Kings Caple Tump by Alfred Watkins


18th century print of Aramstone House in Kings Caple


Mr Roberts' house in Kings Caple in 1795 - James Wathen


Scattered fields in Kings Caple in 1780 belonging to the Scudamore Estate.

courtesy of the Scudamore Family


The story of Kings Caple is told in Kings Caple in Archenfield by Elizabeth Taylor, 1997.


The peninsula formed by the loop in the river here has been an attractive settlement site from a very early date. The earliest finds here are mesolithic.

Flint tool found at Kings Caple in 1998

courtesy of Angela Williams


Profile view of the tool

Flint tools found at Kings Caple, November 2005





This could be from the family name of Jacobus de Penhoc who, in 1205, was in dispute with Henry de Longchamps, the lord of Wilton. The manor of Wilton had outlying parts in King's Caple and a tenement that de Penhoc claimed that de Longchamps had disseised (dispossed or deprived) him of may well be here.


This is likely to be the tūn of Rhydderch - a Welsh personal name.

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