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The Wye


Over one hundred local people have been involved in the Landscape Origins of the Wye Valley (LOWV) project so far, studying the history and living fabric of the countryside in the 12 parishes which make up the northern part of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) between the Herefordshire parishes of Fownhope and Bridstow.

The project is a partnership between the local community and specialists.  Volunteers are being helped to learn various  field-work, research and collating skills. Sources include oral history, old documents and newspapers, maps and photographs. It also uses archaeological excavation, field survey and geophysics. Underwater investigation has been conducted by Ross Sub Aqua Club. We are also analysing landscape history using overlays of old and modern maps and aerial photographs.

Together we are uncovering the hidden depths of the Wye Valley landscape while enjoying hands-on field survey and archaeological investigation.

New volunteers are always welcome to join in this project. Tasks for which we would welcome help are listed on the Project Tasks page. We would also like old photographs, letters etc relating to the area.
The results of the project will be published in a book due to be launched in 2007.
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The settlements in the area are only rarely related to the parishes. Click to view information on settlement patterns and types.

In the 18th century, although not unknown, the potato was a fairly exotic vegetable. Here is a recipe for a potato pudding and one for bread and butter pudding



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This project was part-financed by the European Union (EAGGF) and DEFRA through the Herefordshire Rivers LEADER+ Programme.